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Evangelical Counsels

Evangelical Counsels

We freely vow to live a life of Evangelical Chastity, Poverty and Obedience and choose to enter more fully into the mystery of Christ and of the Church. We live this consecration in the Secularity.

We vow to live the Evangelical Counsel of Chastity as an expression of our total commitment. It is a response to the liberating love of God made known in Jesus Christ who invites us to deeper intimacy with Himself. Consecrated Celibacy is a means to manifest our option to love God in a love that includes all and to be more fully available to the poor and needy.

We vow to live the Evangelical Counsel of Poverty by contemplating the mystery of poverty of Jesus Christ. We imitate his total dependence on the Father and his full freedom in fulfilling his mission. We acknowledge the given-ness of life. We acknowledge that al we possess are gifts of God and live in an attitude of gratitude. We undertake to be transparent and accountable to the major moderators of our institute. We abide by a budget, passed by the concerned authorities, in our financial transaction. We meet the needs of the Institute by pooling together our contributions from lour earnings.

Our Vow of Evangelical Obedience implies that we follow Christ more closely and model our life after the example of his submission to the will of his Father. It is a call to listen to God, to persons and events and life situations in a spirit of dialogue and discernment. No major decisions are to be taken without the knowledge and concurrence of legitimate authority.