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Need of Secular Institues

Secular Institutes arose as response to a need of consecrated persons living in the ordinary conditions of life. They are the result of “a longing, a search for a synthesis, a way of life combining full consecration according of the Evangelical Counsels and freedom to take on the responsibility of a presence and transforming action in the world from the inside, to shape it, to make it a better world, to sanctify it.” (SIOD p. 84). According to Pope Paul VI, “Secular Institutes live the secular life as consecrated persons and the consecrated life as lay persons”. He further calls them as a mysterious confluence between two powerful streams of Christian life, consecration and secularity. By their consecrated secularity they are inserted in the very heart of history, and, from within, they renew the world. With their life they project a diversity which is solidarity and sharing, not detachment; a diversity which according to Pope Benedict XVI, is a “bomb of faith, love and evangelical radicality. (Dialogue 149, p.21)

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