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Spirit of the Institute

Our Charism is to be an unassuming transforming presence. The spirit of the Institute is the spirit of undaunted faith that urges us to launch out into the uncharted areas of contemporary world with missionary zeal, in our ordinariness, with courage and conviction and determination.

The legacy of the Institute is in her members who are imbued with connectedness expressed in personal responsibility, inner freedom and risk taking. Our vision takes us to the primordial harmony, to the first chapters of Genesis. Our mission is to be in solidarity with the poor participating in the ordinariness of life. We face the challenges of life by being rooted in Christ. The Connectedness helps us to walk with the people and stand by them sharing their lot. We experience our call as a call to restore, to enable the creation to be what it is called to be, by being an unassuming, transforming presence like leaven and salt and discerning time to time what God wants from us.

We follow Jesus in the ordinariness of his life. His love for the little ones and marginalized inspire us. We live a cosmic spirituality that helps us to see whole creation as brothers and sisters and God as the Universal Father and mother and Creator. This calls us to a spirituality of communion and solidarity, of all – inclusive love. We develop an attitude of being a ‘haven’ for our brothers and sisters. We work for harmony and peace and foster communion of life in us, among us and around us.

We live the Beatitudes in our occupations making Jesus of Nazareth alive in our area of occupation. We are called to be ‘Emmanuel’ in the contemporary world. This takes us to a constant discernment of listening to the Word of God and to the Newspaper while responding to the signs of time-a spirituality of synthesis where in we influence the cultures with the values of the Incarnate Word. Inculturation and self-emptying love are key words for us. We live the radicality of the Gospel in the reality of the world. We strive to translate our hidden consecration in daily life transforming the dailiness of human existence into a salvific experience. We do experience the tension of being at the ‘confluence’ of consecration and secularity.

The Eucharist is the source of our journey of living our vocation in the contemporary world. Contemplation and regular prayer enable us to go into the depths of our surroundings. Our commitment calls us for spaces of prolonged prayer. Precious in such moments is the focusing on the Word of God and the Proper Law of the Institute.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is an important moment in the spiritual journey where in we experience God’s forgiveness and renew our hope, commitment and generosity. Spiritual Direction, regular dialogue for planning and evaluation and faith sharing and Circulars of our leaders are other sources of inspiration.
Like Mary our mother and model of our Consecration, we experience the infilling of the Spirit and respond to the life-demands treasuring and pondering over the mysteries of life.

Franciscan Characteristics of joy, simplicity, hospitality, availability, littleness and poverty mark our life. In our simplicity we resemble the ordinary people with whom we share the daily struggles of life. We take part in the creative work of God through our daily work.