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Universal Call to Holiness

Every created reality has a specific role in creation. Every human being is called to holiness in a personal way. God calls every Christian to that holiness of God the Father as revealed by Jesus. Whether lay-married or unmarried, religious, priest or bishop, all take part in this universal call. Everyone is called to share Christ's messianic mission as it is delineated in his manifesto. (Lk.4:16-21). The way one takes part in this mission differs according to ones state of life. To each one is given a special gift, a charism to be at the service of the people of God. Each one is called to respond to Gods grace in a unique way and to contribute to the realization of Jesus mission. Life in a Secular Institute is one of the ways, a way of life recognized by the church recently though historically Secular Institutes dare back to the 16th century.

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